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About Hammerfall Settlement of Pathfinder Online

Hammerfall is a settlement originally formed by an alliance of The Hearthguard and Marsh Wardens Companies. Members of the Northern Lights Company and the Stormwalkers have also chosen to make Hammerfall home. Our goal: To be a haven for non-evil PC craftsmen, explorers and warriors. Striving for individual excellence but working together to assist and protect our community and its allies.

All non-evil player roles are welcomed as citizens of Hammerfall. Members may ply their trades as they wish. Crafters may craft; traders may trade; explorers explore; warriors defend the community from threats. Citizens will also be encouraged to work together when appropriate for the betterment of the community. (For example, a warrior may be asked to guard crafters while adamantine is harvested or escort a trader's caravan to its destination.) Through such cooperative exploration and application of talent, we hope to build a protected community known throughout the River Kingdoms for the quality of both its citizens and its wares.

We welcome players and Companies of a similar mindset to join us.

 For questions or further information on our Settlement, please feel free to pm teribithia9 on the website or click apply to guild on our homepage to contact us.

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